New app brings a fresh feel to Social Media

New social media app wants LHS to participate as a student body

Photo courtesy of Joaquin Dorado

Photo courtesy of Joaquin Dorado

By Zoie German-Martinez

Senior Joaquin Dorado has been involved with a social media app, Wheel, for the last couple of months. Wheel, a promising new video app, want LHS students to pioneer the use of the app as a student body.

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Dorado talks about his experience with the rising app.

What is Wheel?

“Wheel is a new social media app that was created not very long ago, just a few months ago. What’s really different about this app is that it’s a combination of Vine, Snapchat, and Periscope… What you can do on this app is you can post a question…  people can add onto that wheel and answer your question, keep the conversation going, and not only that— they can also draw on it.”

When was it developed?

“It has been developed over the past few months but was only publicly released last month. Around the day that we released it, people saw.. the Wheel called ‘We love Arnold Schwarzenegger- do your favorite impression of Arnold.’ …We had the opportunity of having Arnold Schwarzenegger get on the app.”

How has your interaction with the CEO been?

“After I started posting, the CEO said that he really liked my videos and wanted to make me a founding member. That [the group] would be an exclusive group of a select number of people… who what they do in the app is just create… trying to get the app to the popularity Vine got at the height of its popularity.”