The Budget

2018-2019 Staff

William Yanek

Online Co-Editor-in-Chief

Hello everyone, my name is William and I am a senior this year. In school I am involved in student council and play soccer for Lawrence High. In my free time I like to watch sitcoms, learn about history, and play with my dog....

Anahita Hurt

Online Co-Editor-in-Chief

Hi, I'm Anahita and I'm a senior. This is my third year on staff, and I'm the Online Co-Editor (along with William, who lives to be mean to me). I work at Hy-Vee, and I like to write, bake/cook, binge shows, and listen to NPR....

Nadia Sanburn

Assistant Online Editor

Hello! I'm Nadia, and I'm a sophomore at LHS. In my free time, I read, write, and draw. I'm in Latin 2 and I enjoy taking art classes. Contact me at [email protected]

Macy Landes

Newspaper Co-Editor-in-Chief

Hi! My name is Macy and I’m a senior. I love music — I play the cello and sing in choir in school. Outside of school I volunteer at the library, work at a retirement home, and hang out with my friends. In the future I hope...

Connor Schmaus

Newspaper Co-Editor-in-Chief

Hello! My name is Connor and I'm a senior this year. Other than journalism, I'm involved in the Marching Lions, Scholar's Bowl, and a bunch of clubs. Outside of school, I play Magic: the Gathering competitively and write a lot....

Gary Schmidt

Newspaper Co-Editor-in-Chief

Hi, my name is Gary. I'm a senior, in my fourth year of being on staff. In addition to journalism, I do soccer, Student Council, Unified Sports, Wrestling, Spanish Club, Choir, Habitat for Humanity and have also been involved...

Nikki Aqui

Opinion AND Management Editor

Hi my name is Nikki "I love Allison Ramaley" Aqui. I am the best editorial writer on staff, and the best debater in the school. People (Allison Ramaley and Gary Schmidt) aspire to be me. Tholen is shaking. CNN PLEASE STOP EMAILING...

Emily Kruse

News Photo Editor

This is my second year on staff and my second year as news photo editor. I am always busy and photography takes up my whole life. Barb won't let me leave <3 Contact me at [email protected] ...

Sami Turner

Newspaper Design Editor

Hey! My name is Sami and I'm a junior. I am one of the Design edtiors for the Newspaper with my fellow QUEEN Anna. Along with being a design editor for the newspaper I'm also the Student Body Treasurer, President of the Young...

Anna Parnell

Newspaper Design Editor

Hey, I'm Anna Parnell! I'm a senior and a design editor for the newspaper. In school I enjoy taking Latin, French, and playing violin. Otherwise I'm a professional procrastinator, Hamilton enthusiast, and aspiring Disney princess!...

Emma Howard

Yearbook Co-Editor-in-Chief

Hey there, I'm Emma. I am one of the Editor-in-Chiefs this year for the Red & Black and my hobbies include trying to keep Tholen's attention for more than 3 minutes. Contact me at [email protected]

Maya Weslander

Yearbook Co-Editor-in-Chief

Hey I'm Maya! I do yearbook stuff, but I also make little comics for the newspaper! I like dogs, podcasts, breakfast food, and wearing fun t shirts from events I've never attended. Contact me at [email protected]

McKenna White

Yearbook Photo Editor

Yoo, what's good! My name is McKenna White and you already know I be doing, I be staying on the yearbook grind. Taking photos is what I do, it got me a position on staff (Yearbook photo-editor). Just a big girl doing big tings...I...

Pam Vue

Baby Ads Editor

Hello! My name is Pam and I'm a senior. I enjoy playing video games or watching Netflix. I hope this year I can make it to graduation in one piece. Contact me at [email protected]

Shayla Brillhart

Captions Commander

Hey friends, my names Shayla, I'm a senior and the captions editor for all publications. Other than journalism, I'm involved in Link crew, Pre-med club, Young Democrats club, SAFER club and I work as a CNA at Pioneer Ridge. Outside...

Mia Robinson

Video Editor

howdy ;) my name is Mia and I am Co-Video Editor. My hobbies include watching reviews on really bad movies, eating to mukbang videos, and listening to love songs from the 60s. I play the sousaphone (the big one that wraps around...

David Obadare

Video Editor

Hello! My name is David and I'm a senior! I love motion design and video editing, and it's all I do in my free time. I hope to make this more than just a hobby one day, and be able to express my ideas seamlessly into my work!...

Meriel Salisbury


I'm Meriel and I'm in my junior year. I am part of Young Democrats' Club, Young Feminists' Club, Nail Art club and orchestra at LHS. In my free time I like to run, read, and spend time with friends. My ideal day would be spent...

Sophie Kaufman


Hi, My name is Sophia and I'm a sophomore. I take Spanish in school, and in my free time I practice my photo skills and spend time with my family/dog and friends. This year, I hope to improve my writing and interview skills. Contact...

Symon Knox


I'm Symon! This is my last year here at LHS and my second year on staff. I am in love with photo and anything that uses my right brain. On staff I kinda do a little of everything cause I get bored easily. I do lots of sidebars...

Amelia Vasquez


I'm the president of SUPER MENSA. I'm the president of Latin Club and of LHS. This is my first year on staff, and next year? I hope to take Ms. Tholen's job. Contact me at [email protected]

Zora Lotton-Barker


Hi! My name is Zora Lotton-Barker and I am a sophomore. I take part in French Club, Environmental Club, and Art Club. I am also a member of Lawrence Ballet Theatre and dance twelve to fourteen hours a week. I am excited to be...

Ken Bigham


My name is Kennedy, or Ken, as I’ve gone by since 7th grade. I’m a junior. In school, I’m a member of writer’s club, film club, and Graffiti Magazine. In my free time, I’m an author, and I play a lot of Sims. This year,...

Cooper Wright


My name is Cooper and I'm a senior. I love playing tennis and watching/studying sports. I also love to watch movies and get food with friends. I usually tend to mostly write sports stories on staff. Contact me at [email protected]

Erin Doyle


I'm Erin and I'm a sophmore. This is my first year on staff. In my free time I'm taking ballet classes and rehearsing at the Arts Center or trying to do homework. Contact me at [email protected]

Nola Levings


Hi! My name is Nola and I'm a junior. In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends and pet my dog. In school, I participate in inter-tribal club and (obviously) journalism. This year, I hope to get good grades and eat Chipotle...

Leslie Ostronic


Hello! I'm Leslie Ostronic and I'm a senior. For LHS, I participate in cross country, basketball, soccer, and track. Outside of school I'm occupied with four younger siblings and travel. For college, I plan on majoring in photojournalism....

Alex Stark


Hey! My name is Alex and I'm a junior. I play varsity soccer for the school in the Fall and for my club team in the Spring. In my free time I like to take photos and create videos! Contact me at [email protected] ...

Allison Ramaley


Hey! I'm Allison or often referred to as "The Queen of marketing". I'm a senior on staff. I'm also in band and swim! I love Nikki Aqui and aspire to be her. Barb Tholen wishes she could be me. My days here in room 139 include...

Aidin Manning

Social Media Manager

Hey! I'm Aidin Manning and I am a senior. This is my second year on staff. This year I am the social media manager and the online photo editor. Outside of journalism I play the violin in orchestra, am in SAFER Club, and am a Girl...

Daniel Davidson

Sports Captain

Contact me at [email protected]

Izzy Hedges

Yearbook Copy Editor

Hello! My name is Izzy and I'm a senior. I've been on staff since my freshman year, and I'm the yearbook copy editor. I've been involved in choir, cross country, swimming, and photography during my time at LHS. I work at Au Marche,...

Freeman Spray

Webmaster and Copy-Editor

Freeman Spray is a senior at LHS and has been on the journalism staff for a year. He is currently the webmaster for and is a copy editor for all publications. He is a compulsive writer, and spends most of his time...

Fynn Stovall


I'm Fynn and I am a sophomore! I run my own photography and makeup business and love art, I've been drumming for three years and frequently flow in and out of bands. I travel to Chicago multiple times a year and I'm always learning...

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