The Budget

2017-2018 Staff

Anahita Hurt

Hi! I'm Anahita, and I'm the Online Co-Editor. I'm a junior and this is my second year on staff. I love M&M's minis, The X-Files, The Office, and NPR. My email is [email protected]

William Yanek

Hello everyone! My name is William, I'm a junior and Co-Online Editor for I have two younger siblings and a chihuahua. I like to play soccer, read, travel and watch comedy sitcoms.

Anna Marie D’Ercole

Hello! I'm Anna and I am a junior. Besides journalism, I am a part of the LHS CyberPatriot team. Outside of school I am involved with 4-H and their ambassador program. I like film, digital art, hockey, computers, and I raise rabbits.

Gary Schmidt

Hello, I am Gary, but you can call me tonight. When I am not writing hard-hitting news on what's poppin, I am playing soccer, laser tagging, or hitting the gym. I do just about everything at Lawrence High, so chances are you can...

Macy Landes

Hi! I'm Macy, and I've been on staff for a year and a half so far - I'm a junior. Outside of editing the newspaper and yearbook I sing, play the cello, and pet my dog. I love driving my friends around, and hope to become a teacher.

Connor Schmaus

Hello, my name is Connor and I am the managing editor for the Budget and have been a part of the staff since my freshman year. In my free time I play saxophone, participate in trading card tournaments and watch Parks and Recreation...

Harry Easley

Hi, my name is Harry (on the right), I am Editor in Chief of the Red and Black Yearbook, and I am the human equivalent of a garbage bag full of warm curdled milk. I usually spend my days either wallowing in my self pity or working on the yearbook...

Kira Auchenbach

"RACECAR ENGINES NOISES RRRRRRRR MMMMRRRRRRRR" HEY Y'ALL GUYS, Gutten Morgan, my name is Kira (on the left) and I'm the yearbook Co-Editor in Chief. I am a senior at Lawrence High School. My dog Mo is my rock and my saving...

Allison Ramaley

Waddup, my name is Allison, I'm 16 years old, and I never learned how to read. Also, I'm dating a Marine and I'm better than you.

Shayla Brillhart

Hey, I'm Shayla, and I love my dog Riggins. At school, I'm in Pre-Med Club and Young Democrats. In journalism, I focus on captions.

Will Damron

Hi, I'm Will. I like to swim. I love dogs; I have 2, but Kaia is my favorite. I work on anything for journalism, but mainly design and captions.

Emily Gordon-Ross

Hi! My name is Emily Gordon-Ross and I'm a junior. I am a writer on the LHS journalism staff, and I am in Scholar's Bowl and swimming. In my free time, I watch shows about serial killers, bake, and stress about my schedule.

Maya Weslander

Hey, I'm Maya and I'm a junior this year! I like dogs and making art.

Mira Simms

Hi! My name is Mira and I'm a sophomore. I'm in Latin and premed at school and when I'm not busy with homework, I love traveling, photography, and reading. My goals for this year are to embrace the stresses of balancing school,...

Skylar Steichen

I'm Skylar! I love my 5 dogs (not all at one house, of course), dogs in general, drumline, swimming, and journalism! My dream is to attend Cornell University to study Architecture.

Jacob Lashley

I'm Jacob Lashley and I'm a senior. This is my first year doing the yearbook staff and I plan to be doing design and photography. I work at Checkers bring carts inside and cleaning the store. During my free time I often play video...

Nikki Aqui

Hey! My name is Nikki Aqui and I am a Junior. I have been on staff since my 2nd semester of my freshmen year and am now the opinion writing editor for the newspaper.

Pam Vue

Hi, I'm Pam and I'm a junior. In my free time I binge watch shows on Netflix, procrastinate on any and all responsibilities, and sleep. This year I hope to finally fill out a sketchbook and actually finish reading a full book...

Noah Ginsberg

Yo Yo! My name is Noah Ginsberg and i am a junior at LHS. In school, I am also in Concert Choir, Link Crew and many other clubs. In my free time, I watch sports, play video games, and watch Youtube. This year, I hope to get into...

McKenna White

Ayo, my name is McKenna White and I'm a sophomore. I run cross country and run, jump, and throw in track and field, I also do marching band as a color guard. I'm very free spirited person and love the outdoors. I've been on the...

Symon Knox

HI:) My name is Symon and I'm a junior. I'm in portfolio photography and I love art. I spend most of my free time watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends, I also take a lot of photos, but I like to write too.

Mia Robinson

Hello, my name is Mia and I'm on the Video team. I enjoy long naps, eating candy, and watching movies. I participate in Intertribal club, Film club, Young Democrats club and Nail Art club as well as marching band and being on...

Sahra Barker-Hastings

Heyo, my name is Sahra I'm a photographer and I enjoy reading several books a day, eating prepackaged Ramen noodles and making people laugh.

Anna Parnell

Hey, I'm Anna Parnell! I play violin and take Latin in school. Out of school I am a professional procrastinator, Hamilton enthusiast, and aspiring Disney princess.

Mary Carr

I'm Mary Carr and I am a senior. I write captions and eat ice during class. BIG fan of dogs! LHS is the best school in the world so it's an honor writing about the amazing people who go here.

Cecilia Sanchez-Vargas

Hi, my name is Cecilia Sanchez-Vargas. I'm a junior and this is my year being on the journalism staff. I design pages and create illustrations. In my spare time, I like to write and listen to music but I also enjoy wasting countless...

David Obadare

Hey there! My name is David and I'm a junior. I love to do graphic and motion design, and I have been for a couple years. I am currently a Video Editor for the LHS Budget as I also enjoy filmmaking and video editing, and this...

Emma Howard

Hey I'm Emma! I am involved with cross country and LINK crew but outside of school I like to spend time outside and at the lake. I have been in journalism for two years now and currently serve as the yearbook design editor.

Sydney Pritchard

Hi there! My name is Sydney Pritchard and I'm a junior. I'm the 2017-2018 captions editor for yearbook and newspaper, as well as a photographer! I have been studying French for three years and love science, especially chemistry....

Trey Hulse

Hey! My name is Trey Hulse and I'm a junior at Lawrence High School. I play 3 sports - basketball, baseball, and soccer. APUSH is really horrible and I have no freetime! I am the co-sports editor for staff this year.

Elijah Jackson

Howdy! My name is Elijah and I am a senior this year. I'm involved with marching band and a lot art classes and that's what I'm focused on most this year. I plan to stay in journalism staff for the year.

Taeghan Sharpe

Hello, I'm Taeghan and this is my first year in journalism. I am senior in student council, A Cappella choir/Chorale, pre-med club, spanish club, LINK crew, NHS, Unified Sports, and I play soccer here at LHS. Outside of school...

Tabby Peters

Heyo! My name is Tabby and I'm a sophomore. I don't really do a lot for school, I play soccer. I like art and food and coffee and tea. In my free time I run/play soccer. This year, I hope to get better at graphic design.

Ashlee Brown

My name is Ashlee and I'm a senior. My favorite classes are Orchestra, French, and English. My hobbies include drawing, watching Studio Ghibli movies, and playing Animal Crossing. My goal for this year is to discover what career...

Daniel Davidson

I'm a sophomore and this is my first year in journalism. I also do cross country, debate, and bowling. bruh hmu

Addisson Thornsbury

Hello! My name is Addisson (Addie) and I am a junior. I am the yearbook photo editor and outside of school I enjoy creating all types of art as well as hanging out with my friends. This is my first year in an editors position...

Emmy Easley

I'm Emmy, I'm a sophomore and this is my first year on staff. Outside of school I do ballet at the Arts Center. I like to read and write and be with friends, I also like to bake and watch the office. My favorite movies are Big...

Sami Turner

Hi I'm Sami. I am a sophomore and this is my first year on staff. My guilty pleasure is watching trashy reality TV, specifically Jersey Shore, and playing Pokémon. At school I am also involved in Debate, Forensics, Student Council,...

Aidin Manning

Hello! My name is Aidin Manning and this is my first year on staff. I'm a junior this year and my favorite class is APES. My favorite colors are yellow and pink and I love my cats, YouTube, and thrifting! I play the violin in...

Freeman Spray

My name is Freeman and I am a junior. This is my first time working on staff. I enjoy writing immensely and am very excited to be writing for newspaper this year. Outside of school my the things I enjoy doing include reading,...

Andrew Williams

My name is Andrew, and I am a junior here at LHS. This is my first year on staff, and I am a videographer. I play soccer, run track, and participate in the LINK Crew, and in my spare time I enjoy writing, drawing, and climbing.

Luna Stephens

Hey! I'm Luna, I'm (finally) a senior and I'm the yearbook managing copy editor. I love journalism! And my dogs! I'm planning to move to the west coast next year and pursue a career in journalism. Life is good!

Elyzabeth Workman

Hello, I'm Elyzebeth. I'm a sophomore and this is my first year on staff. I don't do much on my free time, but I do write poetry and short stories. Lastly, my only goal in life is to enjoy it as much as I can.

Jackson Hoy

I'm Jackson. I'm a senior and this is my first year on staff. I am a huge sports fan, especially NBA/college basketball. I participate in debate and I also co-host the Hardwood Homies NBA Draft Show. I'm always down to talk sports with anyone. ...

Chloe Thornton

Hi I'm Chloe and this is my first year on staff. I am a senior this year and I love playing tennis. My favorite place in the world is Cape Town, South Africa. My goals for this year are to get into college and go to more sporting...

Veda Cobb

"If the music isn't from Shrek, it isn't good music." Hi! I'm Veda, management editor for the Budget and Yearbook staff. I'm a senior taking three elective classes at LHS and the rest of my courses online. My hobbies include...

Rilee German-Martinez

Hi, my name is Rilee and I'm your sweet, babiest sibling and Co-Copy Editor of The Budget. I enjoy writing editorials and writing in my free time! Also I think dogs should vote. Let me know if you have any school-related inquiries...

Ashley Dykes

Hi I'm Ashley, I am a junior, and this is my first year on staff. At school I'm involved in orchestra, golf, and bowling. Outside of school I work, go to the gym, and paint. My spirit animal is a cat because I'm really lazy and...

Jade Auchenbach

My name is Jade, I'm a Junior and this is my first year on staff. Outside of school I like to play music, and create art. I am the middle child of 5 and my older siblings have been on staff before.

Krista Hopkins

Hey, I'm Krista and I'm a senior. I've been in staff since freshman year. Moana is my favorite movie ever. Outside of school, all I do is manage at sonic and pay bills. My goals for this year is to graduate early and get my money...

Alexander Lane

Hi I'm Alex. I am a Sophomore, this is my first year on staff. Outside of school I enjoy drawing, writing, and reading. I also like to play disc golf on the weekend and summer. This year I hope to improve my creative skills.

Emily Kruse

I'm Emily, I'm new on staff as a photographer. At school I'm involved with the marching band and girls swim team. My favorite things to do outside of school are to hang out with my friends and to go bed early. My goals for the...

Cooper Wright

I'm Cooper and I'm a junior I write about sports mostly. I play soccer and tennis and I go to most sporting events. I enjoy playing sports and getting food with my friends.

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