The Budget

2013-2014 Staff

Kate Rettig

Hi! I'm Kate Rettig, the editor in chief of the Red and Black yearbook. I have been on staff since my freshman year. Outside of the newsroom, I enjoy being with my friends and family, watching The Office and eating.

Aidan Rothrock

Hi! I'm Aidan Rothrock. I'm the managing editor for the yearbook- I've been on staff since the second semester of my freshmen year and have basically done everything there is to do in yearbook and newspaper. I'm a senior and I...

Kansas Gibler

Student. Journalist. Capricorn. My name is Kansas and I'm a senior at Lawrence High. I work at a local European imports shop, but basically just sell candy at work when I'm not working on my biggest labor of love, the LHS Budget....

Ian Jones

Hey there lil feller! It's me, Ian Jones; Online Photo Editor :) Harambe still lives on in me, as a part of my soul. Death is cool ig. Follow me on Instagram @ Ian.PNG

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