School board meeting about racial equity tonight at LHS


By Meredith Chapple

There is a school board meeting tonight about racial equality. It will take place from 6-8 p.m. in the LHS cafeteria.

School board president Marcel Harmon said the district believes if they want to improve their equity work, they need to work harder at engaging with the community.

“That includes listening on our part, better communicating what we’re currently doing and what is planned, have the community assess that and provide input on where improvements need to be made and what they should be,” Harmon said. “This meeting is a first step in starting this process.”

The district will be moderated by Kansas City pastor Adrian Roberson. Harmon said there will likely be tense conversations, but he does not expect any problems at the meeting.

Through this school board meeting, the district is hoping to improve relationships between the schools, parents and community members, Harmon said. The district wants to address racial equity in Lawrence Public Schools.

All students, employees and parents are invited to partake in the discussion.