Tips for finals, schedule changes

By Nikki Aqui

fall-finals-schedule-01Ian Jones

With the semester coming to an end, worries about finals are just beginning. Around this time, some students tend to get anxious about finals.

Don’t overstress about them because that will only help you in the long run,” senior Bridget Smith said. “Just try to balance your time between stuff for the holiday season and preparing for your test.”

Depending on the class, different methods of preparation are going to be necessary when studying.

“Well, first I would not wait until the week of finals to start studying for finals, I would begin right now,” AVID coordinator Barbara Williams said.

Williams also suggests reviewing your notes and making sure you have all of the information when studying for finals. If you don’t have all of the notes you need, talk to fellow students in the class or a friend to get the notes you need to study.


This time is also the perfect time to look at your schedule and see if there is a class you would like to change or move. Counselor Kim Wright encourages students to get a schedule change as soon as possible.

“To get a schedule change, a student would need to get a blue sheet [from student services], fill it out and turn it into student services,” Wright said.