Construction finished

Work on school finished for time being


Hannah Gaines

The construction to the main doors and parking lot are finished.

By Gabe Mullen

Now that the main doors of LHS are usable, it seems that construction will finally be over, at least for the foreseeable future.

School funding from the state for construction is not a given, but rather a tentative issue at best. This means there will likely be no major construction projects at LHS for next year, assistant principal Mike Norris said.

“As far as big construction projects to the school next year, not very likely, but there is a master plan the district is working through right now,” Norris said.

Norris says he has spoken with district officials over this past week, and said the master plan is in the preliminary stages of development, meaning many details have not been worked out yet.

But the plan does make way for a general modernization of the school which follows the examples of other schools across the country.

“A lot of what we’re looking for is more flexible spaces, ways to do more personalized learning… places where students can [be more creative],” Norris said.

However, much of these future plans are still at the mercy of state funding. A bond issue may be put into place, but Norris acknowledges that a large part of the process is convincing taxpayers that they are investing in a worthwhile project.

“As we all know, as state funding gets more dismal, it starts affecting more people in different ways, and people are less willing to fund other things including schools, because things get more tight on the individual,” Norris said.

While construction will no longer be an issue, modernizing the school will be the next important item on the agenda within the next few years.