Tips for how to dress at school

Staffers advise on potential outfits for temperature alterations at school

Roaming from the halls into class can be difficult if you’re wearing two pairs of pants or your class is 80 degrees. Picking an outfit for the day is hard when half your classes are freezing cold and the other half are blazing hot.

The best technique for tackling the inconsistent temperatures is layering various clothes for various conditions.

Wearing combinations such as a tank top under two sweatshirts and shorts under sweat pants seem the best ways to deal with constant changing environments, especially when Kansas weather stinks.

The hottest places in the school tend to be English teacher Jeannie Merritt’s room, math teacher Matthew Ellis’s room and math teacher Alaina Shelton’s room.

For hot classes, walk in with a rocking pair of shades from Urban Outfitters while also sporting some swimwear from Shark’s Surf Shop. It is also wise to equip yourself with a water misting fan. Another style is pairing a crop top from Forever 21 with some breezy, retro Crocs.

The coldest places are often the orchestra room, cafeteria, hallways, band room and choir.

When dining in the cafeteria, it is best to be suited with a sleeping bag for maximum warmth while also channeling your inner camper. Uggs can really flare up the outfit.

It’s important to know what temperature your class is to stay comfortable and not freeze to death or go into a heat coma.