Girls golf team wraps up season by sending senior to state for fourth straight year

Rylie Hayden represented the Lions at the state tournament after a return from a season effected by COVID-19

By Paige Unekis, Reporter

A strong performance from a legendary senior and development from other team members was the story of the season for the girls golf team.

Even though only one girl went to state, senior Rylie Hayden, there were still major improvements for the rest of the team.
“With having a lot of new faces this year, many of whom have not played before, they learned how to play a new sport. I would say that the season was a success,” head coach John Moos said.

Though COVID affected a lot of other sports, golf came out somewhat unscathed.
“The only difference this year was we were allowed to have all 6 players play, last year for COVID, only 5 were allowed to play,” Moos said.

Junior Emme Dye started playing golf her freshman year. Dye has learned some important lessons about what it’s like to be a part of a more individual sport.
“I have learned how to really rely on yourself because I’ve really only played team sports but with an individual sport you have to completely focus on yourself to keep calm and stay in the right mindset,” Dye said.

Dye faced some troubles this year concerning her consistency when playing.
“Personally I did not have the best season but it was more about consistency this year than improving so I’m hoping it will all come together next year,” Dye said.

Though there have been some struggles she still looks forward to next year’s season and hopes to shoot in the 80s more frequently.

Junior Sadie Heinbach just recently joined the team this year. Heinbach quit volleyball and wanted to do something with her time so she decided to try golf.

Despite it being Heinbach’s first year she quickly picked up the sport and ended up even making it to varsity.
“My goal was to make varsity eventually which I did and I was really proud of that. I also made a goal to stick with the sport and even in my free time I was always practicing,” Heinbach said.

Though this is Heinbach’s first year being a part of the team, she noticed how good the girls are to each other.
“The dynamic between the girls is great! They are just there for each other and everyone helps each other and we just always have fun,” Heinbach said.

Next year the team will only be losing one player, but her shoes will be hard to fill.

Senior Rylie Hayden is a four time state qualifier. Hayden picked up a club when she was only 7 with both her grandpa and dad. Hayden’s goal is to hopefully play golf competitively when she gets to college.

Hayden felt weary of her performance this year compared to previous years.
“This has probably not been one of my worst seasons, but definitely has not been good. I think I’ve just put a lot of pressure on myself this season with being a senior and wanting to go to college with golf. I think a lot of that stuff went to my head so I wasn’t as calm playing, I was more worried about how well I was going to do,” Hayden said.

Though Hayden went to state, she said that she did not perform as well as she could have. Regardless of the outcome, Hayden was still proud of herself.
“I feel like in my past years I have done better at state, there’s not much to do about that now other than just to be glad that I was able to make it and get that far,” Hayden said.

With Hayden leaving this year she talked about the important lessons she has learned while playing golf at LHS.
“I have learned that sometimes you just have to have fun and let loose and do what you know and have been practicing,” Hayden said. “Yes you need to focus and work hard but at the same time don’t put too much pressure on yourself and worry about the little things.”