Grant Glasgow new standout kicker for football team

Kicker also plays on soccer team


Kenna McNally

Senior Grant Glasgow kicks during the Oct. 22 win over Free State.

By Reed Parker-Timms, Reporter

Sports. While all unique in their own ways, they involve very similar abilities like running, jumping, hand-eye coordination and kicking. 

This phenomenon is no different with Lawrence High athlete Grant Glasgow, who plays both soccer and football. While remaining a dominant force on the soccer field, Glasgow has quickly become a star at kicking a football.

“I started falling out of love with soccer,” Glasgow said as to why he picked up football. ”I wanted to try something new, so kicking was the next big thing.”

And Glasgow sure did pick up football. As he began working at it, he became skilled very quickly. 

When practicing, Glasgow works on no-steps, which is basically kicking the ball without momentum, dry runs, which is practicing through the motion, and full steps. 

“It’s all about technique and keeping your feet locked,” Glasgow said.

Glasgow was ranked 66th in the nation with a 4.5 star rating, fewer than than six months after first kicking a football, a ranking he received at a scholarship camp in the summer of 2021.

Glasgow said he has had a great time playing for the football team this fall. 

“I love the family atmosphere and the fans, because with soccer we obviously don’t get as many fans, so having a big student section and a community supporting is really nice,” he said.

Glasgow’s teammate Jonathon Marquez summed up what it’s like having a kicker of Glasgow’s caliber on the roster. 

“Man just never misses,” Marquez said.