Letter from the editor

February ninth letter from the editor

The school board has been busy these past few months with big changes and big problems.
In the midst of building career pathways for next year’s high school students, the board has also faced the eruption of a long-term issue: racism in our schools.

From parents intervening in board meeting agendas to angre erupting in classrooms, it’s evident that instances of racism — whether explicit or implicit — have been mishandled and/or neglected.

In response, the district organized a meeting at Lawrence High in order to get community input on what the next steps should be.

While they organize at the top, students need to start holding others accountable for their actions and words.

Outside of Lawrence, people have taken to the streets to oppose the policies of President Donald Trump, and rightfully so. Civil unrest worked to get those detained at John F. Kennedy airport released, and that model should be used to continue the pressure on President Trump’s administration.
Protesting does work, and it’s vital to holding people in the positions of power accountable for homophobic and xenophobic legislation.