Telling LHS’ Story

Senior describes experience of leading newspaper staff.


By Kansas Gibler, Editor-In-Chief

As I write this, I am not sure where I am going to college.

Wait-listed at my two schools of choice, I may get notified about an open spot between the time that this letter goes to the printer and the time the newspaper gets distributed to students.

I also might get two emails notifying me that I failed to make the cut.

Regardless, the bookend of my time in high school is upon me, and so is the end of my time as a member of the Lawrence High School journalism staff.

“LHS Journalism staff has given me hundreds of opportunities for success.

— Kansas Gibler, Editor-In-Chief

The past three and a half years, I’ve edited videos at 2 a.m. in Wichita, grilled sources on a variety of subjects (drugs, condoms, the works) and helped finish 30 issues of the Budget fueled by gallons of caramel macchiatos.
My freshman year, I applied to be Editor-in-Chief the next year. I did not do this expecting to receive the position, but in order to show the Budget’s adviser, Barbara Tholen, what my goals were.

That next year as copy editor, I operated in what Zia Kelly and I realized was more of a managing editor’s role. My junior year, Zia and I shared the role of editor-in-chief and used our varying skills to earn yet another All-American recognition from the National Scholastic Press Association.

This year, our staff got our fourth consecutive All-Kansas recognition from the Kansas Scholastic Press Association.
Individually, being on the LHS journalism staff has given me hundreds of opportunities for success.
Some were capitalized on… others weren’t.

Ella Denson-Redding

This era of my life will be defined by trips to Dallas, the University of Kansas Student Union and Starbucks throughout Kansas. Not only the trips, but the conversations in the back room, the editors’ affinity for Taco Bell and the comradery of each publication’s editors.

Next year’s editors — ones I would have selected myself — will continue a journalism program that is the crown jewel of LHS’ co-curricular activities. Rest assured, I will be keeping up-to-date on their work via

Finally, thank you to every cooperative source and every cooperative administrator. Cliche as it may be, the stories I told wouldn’t have been possible without you.