Letter from the Co-Editors-In-Chief


By Kendra Schwartz, Ashley Hocking, and

Dear Readers,

Although movies, magazines and books deem it “the best night of your life,” when May 10 arrives, many seniors are just ready to get it over with. Chaotic dress shopping, stressful dinner planning and desperately searching for the perfect promposal.

The road to prom may look like fantastical, but it can often diverge into into a less than magical night.

The actual dance may only begin when the clock strikes 9, but the preparation prior inevitably causes conflict. The first quarrel to ensue can be an internal one, as you search for the perfect gown.With varying body types, some girls struggle to feel comfortable in certain trendy styles found in stores.

As illustrated in the story, “Body positivity is necessary for good health,” society has created a notion that girls should look a certain way: stick thin. On “the most important night of your life” this idea is amplified to the point where girls starve themselves just to fit in their dream dress.

Another problem that can arise when finding a dress is the price tag that accompanies the dress that catches your eye. According to Glamour Magazine, the average teenage girl spends $1,139 on total prom costs. This average has increased a whopping 40% in the just past three years.

Once you’ve found your perfect dress, you’re faced with another obstacle: making plans as a group. Dealing with everything from finding the perfect restaurant to a mode of transportation that pleases all parties can make your head spin.

You may want to spend this monumental night surrounded by all your closest friends, but differing personality types can dilute this dream. It’s easy to end up too preoccupied trying to please others and end up missing out on your own fun.

After you’ve jumped over those hurdles, finding a date to prom is the optional step. As time has progressed, teenagers have begun to put more of an emphasis on being asked to prom than the actual dance itself.

Whether you’re asking someone with a large sign or with a creative use of food, the ultimate answer you’re seeking is a “yes.”

But whether you decide to go stag, take a date or go with a friend, you can have fun with whomever you’re with. Whether you find the perfect dress at a thrift store or Sherri Hill, it’s your decision to hit the dance floor in it. And whether your plans fall through or everything falls into place, prom is what you make of it.


Ashley Hocking and Kendra Schwartz