Fall brings new songs into the new public library

Recording studio open to public opening this month

Kansas Gibler

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As part of the $18 million new Lawrence Public Library, a recording studio was built in the downstairs media area.

The studio will cater to the local music scene with the instruments that will be provided.

Recording dates must be scheduled ahead of time as the demand for free studio time is high, but overall the process is easy.

“You just go to the front desk and ask them what day works,” senior Keegan Matheis said. “That’s basically it.”

The prospect of recording sessions with professional equipment has sparked interest with younger musicians who don’t have the same resources as many older musicians.

“It’s a good opportunity for musicians who don’t have the financial ability to record in a studio,” Matheis said. “It’s a cool opportunity, and it’s cool that the library is doing that.”

Equipment available

•Studio One software
•Squier bass and guitar
•Epiphone Les Paul
•Shure microphones
•Mac Desktop Computers
•Presonus soundboard
•Fender amps
•Chicago Custom Percussion drum set