Best Coffee Shop – Java Break

24-hour coffee shop offers diverse menu and entertainment options


Cooper Avery

Open at all hours, Java Break’s basement location at Seventh and New Hampshire is often buzzing with local students. The business has four spaces that give patrons options of study environments.

Location: 17 E. Seventh St.
Hours: 24 hours a day daily
Total votes: 302
Best known for: Coffee, paninis, cereal bar
Year established in Lawrence: 1994

Java Break offers a place for people to grab a chai latte, a bowl of Captain Crunch and sit down to study. Patrons can also head to the graffiti room to mark the walls and benches while sipping on a signature Cold-O-Matic blended drink.

Located at Seventh and New Hampshire, Java Break’s basement location provides a unique atmosphere. Low lighting, vintage furniture and separated spaces allow patrons to chat and work on homework in a peaceful setting.

Lawrence High School senior Clara Cobb spends most days after school at the coffeehouse, attracted by the atmosphere and drinks.

“It’s good coffee,” Cobb said. “It’s really good. I get americanos a lot, so it’s easy to tell when something’s good when it’s black.”

The coffee shop’s 24-hour service makes drinks available day and night.

“I like the people that work there,” Free State junior Madi Magnuson said. “I like how it’s open 24 hours so I can go there late at night, and I like the cereal bar and paninis.”

Owner Derek Hogan sees high school students pass through his coffee shop daily.

“There’s a lot of great high school kids that come in here that we really like, that are super nice and polite and great customers,” Hogan said. “I think what attracts them is that we’re downtown, we’re comfortable, we’ve got board games. It’s a place to hang out with your friends.”

2nd Place: J&S – 4821 W. Sixth St., Suite E

3rd place Z’s Divine Espresso 10 E. Ninth St., 1800 E. 23rd St. # A

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