Top Ten Stories of 2018



By Nadia Sanburn, Assistant Online Editor

Many stories were published to this year. With a wide range of topics to choose from, writers, reporters, and photographers all covered important of the happenings in the school. Their content brought in views to the website, and helped make it a very successful year.

Here are the top viewed stories of 2018:

#1: Anna Dewitt, Guest Writer

Student shares her motherhood experience

#2: William Yanek, Co-Online Editor and Nadia Sanburn, Assistant Online Editor

Assistant principal leaving LHS

#3: Freeman Spray, Co-Copy Chief

Paras unite with teachers union

#4: Nadia Sanburn, Assistant Online Editor and Emily Kruse, News Photo Editor

Community rallies behind teachers during Central’s open house night

#5: Nikki Aqui, Managing Editor

Teachers say lack of info hurts safety

#6: William Yanek, Co-Online Editor

Student damages teeth in assembly whipped cream pie eating contest

#7: Anahita Hurt, Co-Online Editor

School board announces new superintendent pick

#8: Meriel Salisbury, Staff Writer

Twitter account created for math teacher Matt Ellis

#9: Anahita Hurt, Co-Online Editor

Students walk out against gun violence

#10: By Zora Lotton-Barker, Connor Schmaus, and Macy Landes

LHS students get fired up about midterm elections