Student damages teeth in assembly whipped cream pie eating contest



By William Yanek, Online Co-Editor

If you think eating whipped cream out of a pie tin is the safest activity known to man, think again.

Near the end of Thursday’s fall assembly, a whipped cream pie eating contest was held where four random contestants were chosen to participate. The first volunteer, senior Brett Chapple, was chosen followed by three others. At “go,” all of the contestants began devouring their whipped cream, but Chapple went down especially hard on the table, resulting in a chipped tooth.

“So basically I got called up to be in the pie contest, and I was like, ‘I gotta win,’ so my hands were behind my back, and I didn’t realize how close the table was, and I went down too hard,” Chapple said. “I didn’t notice so I just kept eating, and I noticed something was on my tooth. I thought it was something in the pie and then I got out, felt my teeth, and they were gone.”

When considering all of the options for an eating competition, Student Council chose whipped cream pie as the safest way to entertain the student body. A chipped tooth was the last thing anyone expected.

“I did not think it would happen. I was shocked. I was surprised, but I’m glad our student body got so into our activities,” student body co-president Vera Petrović said. “Brett Chapple embodies the spirit of a true Chesty Lion.”

While some were shocked, others in the crowd found Chapple’s performance hilarious, at least before Chapple showed his missing teeth.

“It was pretty funny. It looked pretty bad when he first started eating because he slammed his face in it, and you could see it because he had it on his forehead and over his whole entire face,” junior Kendrick Hobson said. “Then he got up and he had a little half circle cut out of his teeth so it was pretty bad.”

Senior drum major Jared Coté also got to compete, and went lick for lick with Chapple until the very end. Chapple was declared the winner of the contest, however Coté was insistent he lifted up his pie tin first.

“I talked to Brett afterwards; we have third hour together,” Coté said. “We shook hands, but he knows I won. I definitely won.”

While some may laugh at Chapple’s competitive spirit, others respect his dedication to winning at all costs.

“Shout out to Brett Chapple. He did anything for the win,” student body vice president Bryce Smith said. “Hopefully his dental bill isn’t too high.”

Regardless of the outcome, Chapple still had fun competing in front of the student body.

“Of course I had a good time,” Chapple said. “I had to pick up that dub.”