Spring, summer movie preview

Medley of movies to be released in the next few months


By Kate Rettig

The Age of Adaline

Lightning has a mysterious quality that gifts its victims some type of superpower.

In this upcoming romantic drama, Adaline Bowman receives the gift of immorality.

For more than eight decades, she has lived in solitude and feared of someone exposing her secret. Then she meets Ellis Jones, a charming philanthropist.

He breaks the barrier she set against the world by showing her love and passion for life.

Then at a weekend with his parents, Adaline is threatened that her secret of immortality will be exposed.

I’ve been excited to see it ever since I saw the trailer in theaters. The concoction of Blake Lively, a thrilling romance and a life changing decision will make a great movie date with your friends.



unfriended 2

This upcoming horror movie uses the idea of social media to tell the classic story of a dead person seeking revenge.

The movie Unfriended takes place a year after Laura Barns’s death. After being bullied for an video of herself in the internet, she killed herself and came back to haunt her bullies.

This movie is told through the computer screen of Blaire, one of the people who had bullied Laura. As Blaire is video chatting on Skype with five other friends, a seventh caller asks to join.

The six friends become the prey of the unknown online presence. The movie got positive reviews from the Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival.

The trailer of Unfriended is deceiving. With all of the screaming it makes it look like a stereotypical teenage horror movie. However once you look into the reviews, the movie looks worth seeing.

Insidious: Chapter 3


Fans of the movie Insidious Chapters 1 and 2 have reasons to look forward to Chapter 3.

This prequel is set before the haunting of the Lambert Family. The ghost-busting team of Elise, Spencs and Tucker take on their first investigation of an evil entity. The demonic spirit targets teenager, Quinn Brenner. It’s up to the team to protect Quinn before it’s too late.

The trailer immediately caught my attention. It was thrilling and suspenseful. I’ve always been a fan of supernatural horror films so I’m looking forward to this one.

Paper Towns

paper towns

Based on John Green’s best selling book, the upcoming movie is about Quentin Jacobsen and the mysterious Margo Roth Spiegelman.

The two have an all-night adventure into the city of Orlando. Quentin falls in love with Margo as the night goes on. Margo disappears the day after and Quentin and his quirky friends go and look for her.

After reading the book, I’m excited to see this movie. The last John Green movie was satisfactory, so as long as it follows the book and doesn’t stray from the plot too much, I’d love to see this book come alive on the big screen.