Film Critic: Pulp Fiction


For my  “Classic Film of the Month” review I am going to be looking at the film Pulp Fiction directed by the world renowned Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino wrote the story alongside Roger Avary, and the cast consists of some of the most eminent actors in the film industry. Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Christopher Walken, and Bruce Willis are the names that sparked the most interest when I read them. Yet, I have not seen this movie. (despite loving each Tarantino movie i’ve seen).


My previous knowledge of Pulp Fiction before I watched it was that it was about crime, Uma Thurman wears a dark brown bob, and that street artist Banksy has portrayed Samuel Jackson and John Travolta holding bananas as guns. I never watched it because I assumed Pulp Fiction wouldn’t vary much compared to other crime films and tropes.

I think it’s safe to say that I went into it being relatively unaware of how to plot line would play out.


After watching, I could not be anymore incorrect with my assumptions of the film.

I can tell that this movie has gone from not even possessing a rank in my “Favorite Movies” list to being probably in the top 20.The film hits every mark on my checklist with near to perfect accuracy. In my opinion, this film can not be confined to one category. The plot shows elements of romance, crime, comedy, drama, and suspense. It is easy to assume that a movie with so many varying plot elements is destined to become confusing and unpleasant. Those are the very last adjectives someone would use to describe Pulp Fiction.


This film is a mosaic of aspects that work together in the perfect amounts and timings.

It was as if I was experiencing every feeling present in the moment.

Not only did the film incorporated multiple genres, it gave you insight on each person and their characteristics. Each person in this film had a distinct purpose and a strong personality that added to the realism and the practicality of the film. Even if some of the things that occur in the film are unrealistic, the pure character development draws you in and makes you believe in the scene. It felt more like I was actually experiencing the moments in real time rather than sitting in my basement watching the movie on my laptop.


Somehow, Tarantino was able to make the most vile things into something to laugh over, and you don’t feel bad about it. Dark humor is one of my favorite things in general so to have it sprinkled into an already outstanding story is an amazing bonus.


My favorite type of film is a physiological thriller. I love movies that make me think about every aspect days after I finished watching it.The film connects the characters together in such a seamless way that it is almost organic. I’m sure the the plot will haunt me for the next month as I try to piece every aspect together and squeeze every last drop of symbolism and details out of it. It is one of those films that demands to be thought about upon finishing the film, you can’t help but dwell in the plot.

Overall Rating: 9/10