Faces behind names; meet the freshmen student council officers

Get briefed on the officers, their goals and experiences so far this year

By Adele Erickson, Reporter

A semester in, the freshman members of the student council have already taken huge steps into their roles and aren’t planning on stopping now.

There is a strong cast of members on the student council looking to carry their success forward and give a voice to the class of 2026, and they are diverse in terms of background experience and mindset. 

Freshman class president Phoenix Green’s main goal going forward is to provide opportunities for students. At the same time, Vice President Mimi Rosado wants to carry her middle school Stuco experience to LHS.

“I  want to give freshmen a voice and make school activities more fun and safe for everyone,” Green said. “I want to make everybody feel more comfortable and welcome.”

Freshman class secretary Devin Foster hopes to use his responsibility and work ethic to improve LHS.

“The main thing I want to change so far would be the lunch options,” Foster said. 

Eileen Zhao, the freshman treasurer,  is most excited to work with her fellow freshmen, continuing her success from her time on the Billy Mills Middle School student council and using the student council to meet new people.

Some students are changing their view of the student council as a whole; class rep. Murphy Nowak saw stuco as an opportunity to joke around, but now he’s found a lot of purpose.

“I originally ran as a joke because I thought it would be really funny if I actually won,” Nowak said. “But now that I’m actually in student council, I’m really enjoying it.”  

The freshmen election took place a few months ago, and since then, they have had a full plate, planning things such as Spirit Week, Rally Around the Lion, and homecoming. 

 “We have a great group,” Green said. “We’ve been able to accomplish a lot together.”

The biggest challenge all new student council members face is learning to work with others and feeling the different dynamics. 

“We all have a bunch of different ideas that clash together in a really cool way,” Rosado said.

Green is very optimistic about the rest of the year.

“It’s going to be a really interesting journey,” Green said, “but I can’t wait to see what we accomplish.”