New academic interventionist aids student learning

Stephanie Clements helps fill knowledge gaps caused by pandemic

By Sam Lopez, Reporter

After noticing gaps in learning from the COVID-19 pandemic, Stephanie Clements has been hired as Lawrence High School’s Academic Interventionist.

Administration, partnered with the Math department, have set goals “to find the students who are struggling, identify their gaps in understanding, and use creative strategies to help them get caught up,” according to Clements. That’s where she comes in.

Academic Interventionists must take multiple approaches to help students, to ensure that all students are getting the instruction that they need.

The majority of her work takes place in the Intro to Algebra and Algebra I classes.

Clements is currently utilizing data and observing in classes to, “determine which students appear to have missed concepts… and how to develop the understanding of those concepts.” After she has identified students that need help, she aids students during work time.

“It is my job to pinpoint the problem, and help them solve it,” Clements said.

This position was recently created after the COVID-19 pandemic to help students that might be behind and struggling from online instruction.

“Due to the pandemic, the last time most students had solid math instruction was two years ago. A lot of students are missing fundamental mathematical concepts,” Clements said.

Although she works with students, Clements also helps teachers by making sure that all of their instruction is well received.

“As hard as teachers work, there is never a 100% guarantee that their lesson will reach all students. I work to help bridge the gaps,” Clements said.

Having another helping hand is extremely helpful for students, especially after the pandemic.

The future of this position is uncertain, especially as more students are back with in person instruction. However, Clements is excited for the role interventionists will play in the future,

“This job has so much potential, which is very exciting. The job is really only limited to the team’s imagination,” she said. Thankfully, at LHS, we have great imagination.”