Administration warns students about senior week activities

By William Yanek, Online Co-Editor-in-Chief

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On Friday morning, Principal Matt Brungardt sent out an email warning students about unsanctioned activities during senior week.

Some of the subjects addressed in the email include senior week pranks, the senior water game Assassins, and various forms of hazing. The email then outlined the punishments for said activities.

As spring arrives and Prom and graduation near, I want to share some information with students and families to help ensure that our seniors make plans to celebrate safely,” Brungardt said in the email. “Lawrence High wants all of its seniors to stay safe and participate fully in events held to recognize their accomplishments as Chesty Lions.”

The email started by defining hazing.

“Per District Policy JGECA, hazing is any act that recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental health, physical health or safety of a student for the purpose of initiation or as a condition or precondition of attaining membership in, or affiliation with, any district-sponsored activity or grade-level attainment,” the email said.

Hazing, according to the student handbook, warrants a level two discipline referral. The consequences range from 1 day of in-school suspension on the first offense all the way to long term suspension and expulsion depending on the severity.

“Given the timing of this week, students may also lose the privilege of attending Prom or graduation,” the email said. “The school administration understands that some students may say they willingly participated in these activities. One cannot willingly participate in hazing.”

The final issues addressed in the email included senior pranks and the game Assassins.

“If these activities occur on campus, they may result in suspension and police involvement,” the email said. “If these activities occur off campus, we encourage homeowners to contact police.”

Senior Liz Hernly supports the administration’s efforts to keep students and staff safe during senior week.

“With so many gun violence and safety issues happening in our community, some very recent too, I totally understand where administration is coming from,” Hernly said. “Games like this can easily be taken out of hand especially in the form of stalking.”

Hernly also advises the senior class to be smart about pranks this week.

“Really the student body is responsible for how much freedom we get in the school,” Hernly said. “And if we cause destruction and abuse the administration’s trust then clearly we don’t deserve to have these fun opportunities.”