Fiddle Club prepares for multiple performances

Fiddle Club will have many more performances this year


Fynn Stovall

Fiddling around, senior Jack Foster has taken on the responsibility of hosting Fiddle Club after school in the orchestra room. Foster plans to expand on activities the club does. “Orchestra class is a lot more structured” Foster said. “Fiddle Club is a lot more of improvisation and a lot more casual and simple music.”

By Zora Lotton-Barker, Staff Writer

Traditionally, Fiddle Club has only had one event to showcase its work. This year, senior Jack Foster is starting his second year as president by making some changes.

“Normally all we would do is prepare a song or two and the fight song for the school or for the fiddle float in the homecoming parade,” Foster said. “But this year…we are going to play at multiple events and after concerts, and we’ll probably have a concert sometime in the spring.”

Foster arranges the music for the group himself, which can be a tedious process. Arranging music can take up an afternoon, or it can take weeks depending on the difficulty of the music.

“Most of the time when I arrange, I just listen to the music,” he said. “I try to figure out what key it is and try to see if that key is workable for the level of string players we have…sometimes a key can be too hard because it has too many flats or sharps in it. After I’ve found a good key, I try to dissect the different parts of what I like and then change some things when I come up with an idea.”

Orchestra director Mariah Barnett provides support for the club and helps to set up events.

“A lot of it is student driven and student led. If [Jack] has a question he can come and ask me and say, ‘Hey will this work?’ I help set up events for them and make sure that they have a place and a time to perform, but for the most part it’s all Jack, the president,” Barnett said.

This is Barnett’s first year as sponsor.

“I think the initial thing that I have noticed about Fiddle Club is that it’s just a great community for kids who love enjoy music to come together to make music that we don’t always get to do in class,” Barnett said.

Fiddle Club has members from all grades, but most of its members are students in Symphonic Orchestra, the highest orchestra at LHS.

“Our music is pretty adaptable for any level, so hopefully we’ll have a lot of freshmen join this year,” Foster said.

Senior member Ben Farney said he loves the atmosphere of Fiddle Club.

“I love playing cello,” he said. “And fiddle music is my favorite kind of music and putting those things together is a lot of fun.”

The highlight of the year for Fiddle Club will be its spring concert, tentatively called “Hungarian Night.”

“We are going to play a lot of different folk tunes, but the main theme and most of the songs are going to be Hungarian folk tunes,” Foster said.

In the end, Foster hopes that by compiling his arrangements over the year the concert will act as a finale.

“We’ll slowly just keep arranging and finding other pieces and sort of collecting them over the year, and by the time the concert comes around hopefully we’ll have a bunch of songs to play,” Fost