Staffer tries basketball conditioning

By Kira Auchenbach, Assistant Online Editor

For many people, when they hear basketball conditioning, the first thing that comes to mind is a bunch of players throwing basketballs around. That’s what I thought too, but when we got started it was much more intense and hardcore than shooting hoops.

We started with stretching and made our way to a basketball goal. They have a no-walking rule so we had to jog everywhere. Whenever we weren’t running, people would shout “No walking!” the whole time.

Then we lined up on one side of the gym and started running.

For me, the hardest run we did was 10 and one, where we ran full court and back 10 times. Suicides are a sprinting drill where players run part-way down the court, and back and forth. They were very tiring. We also did some five and threes, where we ran to the free throw line and back, half court and back, and full court and back.

At the beginning I was doing amazing, and keeping up really good but then my legs got really numb. They felt like they were going to fall off. I took a break so I wouldn’t pass out.

When running became harder and harder for me to do, I started having flashbacks of the pacer test from elementary and middle school. Pushing myself to keep up with the group felt a lot like the pacer: fast heart rate, very thirsty and trying to catch a breath.

It was really cool when the other team members clapped and encouraged us to keep running, saying that we were almost done and telling us good job. The team is spirited and friendly; it was nice when they let me jump in and supported my efforts.

I can’t imagine conditioning two times a week. This experience has opened my eyes. I have a lot of respect for people who condition for sports.

I died on the inside and out. Literally.

All in all, the exercise made me sore for three days. I was practically limping around the entire time. I learned how hard people prepare for their sport activities and i respect how much effort they put into it.

9/10 would recommend to everyone. Be sure to push yourself to the best of your abilities and be prepared to ice your legs for a week.