Jenkins talks Trump

By Meredith Chapple

Like many Republicans, Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins appears to be struggling with the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump.

Jenkins had previously endorsed Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlitt-Packard CEO. Trump’s remaining opponents dropped out of the race earlier this week.

Among those who have said they’re not yet sure if they’ll endorse his candidacy is Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Among Kansas Republicans, Gov. Sam Brownback and Secretary of State Kris Kobach are supporting Trump, according to the Associated Press this week.

Jenkins also indicated to The Budget that she’ll probably support presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“We have a lot of problems and they’re not being addressed at the federal level,” Jenkins said while visiting Lawrence High School this week to present an art award. “I have always supported the conservative in the race, and I don’t believe Hillary Clinton is a conservative so we’ll probably get there.”

Similarly, Sen. Jerry Moran has expressed concerns in a statement reported by the Associated Press:

Mr. Trump must now work to address the serious concerns many conservatives — myself included — have about some of his positions and comments, as well as unite the Republican Party around our common goal of securing a brighter future for our kids and grandkids. If he accomplishes this, he will have my support.”