The Weekly Review: Issue 3


World News: Ukrainian President is Voted out of Office.

If you haven’t heard of the recent uprising in Ukrainian, you probably ought to get out more. Recently Ukraine has suffered massively from a violent uprising against the current governmental power, with 70+ people dead. The Ukrainian MPs voted out the current Ukrainian president, an large step for the resistance party is this uprising.

U.S. Politics

Something potentially good for many working high school students, there is a possibility that there could be an increase in minimum wage. Federal workers have already gained a boost to their baseline wages, and non-government employees could be next to get a pay boost.


Recently, in a cross between the medical world and the tech world, a woman was granted the ability to walk due the the assistance of a 3D-printed exoskeleton. In collaboration with Ekso Bionics, 3D Systems has successfully created the worlds first 3D printed exoskeleton.


Rock Chalk Jayhawk! With a great performance so far this season, the Jayhawks are one win away from taking home the title of big 12 champions. They will be playing at the Allen Field House Monday 2/24/14 at 8:00pm Central Time. tball/story/2014-02-23/kansas-jayhawks-big-12-dynasty-one-more-win-bill-self-sherron-collins-cole-aldrich-mario-chalmers-andrew-wiggins


Jimmy Fallon has has a strong first week as the host of the Tonight Show, previously hosted by Jay Leno. Fallon started off a funny bit poking fun at his buddy for doubting his ability to host the show, but in an unscripted event Fallon was surprised by a line up of celebrities, all congratulating him on his success. hz90U