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LHS student section shows its support by showering the stands in shredded newspaper at kickoff.

Photo By Zia Kelly

By Zia Kelly

This year, the city showdown took place on Free State’s home turf, but that didn’t stop LHS students from packing the stands and cheering on the team.

Although the Lions fell 28-10, the players fought through the rain and wind that caused both schools bands to leave after half. Both sides of the stadium were scattered with blankets and tightly packed students, sticking it out to the end.

LHS gave Free State a run for its money in the first half, scoring the first three points of the game with a field goal cleared by Ellis Springe.

They continued the pressure into the second quarter, regaining the lead with completed pass from former Firebird Nyle Anderson to Senior Zay Boldridge, resulting in a touchdown in the 8th minute.

Although it was the only touchdown LHS made, they continued to fight through the second half, with a supportive fan base by their side.