‘The Laramie Project’ premieres

By Ally Wheatman, Reporter

The official poster for Lawrence High School’s production of the Laramie Project depicts a fence with a red background.

The theater program is going virtual for its first production, The Laramie Project 

All rehearsals have been online which has its ups and downs. 

“I think some challenges I have faced are connecting with the characters I am playing,” senior Connor Cooper said. “It is much easier to act when you have other peoples reactions to act off of.”

Actors had to make adjustments as they learned how to prepare a virtual performance. 

”Instead of looking out to the audience, you need to look directly at your mac’s camera,” freshman Rose Kennedy said.

 On a positive note, when actors were not part of a current scene, they had free time to do homework and other activities.

Despite all the challenges, the show is set to open tonight at 7 p.m.

“We will be hosting it through a live streaming service,” theater teacher Craig Fisher said. “It will hopefully also allow people to purchase tickets and make donations to the LHS Theatre program to help us produce more shows in the future.” 

 Anyone can watch the livestream on youtube by clicking this link.