Artists enter national contest

By By Peter Romano

Mill Street Loft ARTS in New York held a photography competition this year with entries from five different states across the nation. A total of almost 500 students from schools in New York and Kansas submitted photos, but in the end only 68 entries were accepted.

Of the 68 accepted entries, 11 were from Lawrence High. Sophomores Nina Friesen, Kearston Mohney and Alice Kelsey, juniors Tanner Glazer, Ashley Hocking, Haley Powers and Rachel Woolery and seniors Alex Hammerschmidt, Gracie Rinke and Sarah Sutterfield were eligible to win awards.

Hocking received an honorable mention award and $50 for her photo “Inner Fire”, and  Hammerschmidt won the Best of Show award and $400 for her photo “Here I Was.”

When photography teacher Angela Perkins told Hammerschmidt she had won the competition, Hammerschmidt thought Perkins had lied to her.

“I saw other people’s work and I know mine wasn’t as good,” Hammerschmidt said. “I was like, ‘Oh my God.’”

Choosing a photo for the competition was not an easy decision.

“Well my film, black and white film, tends to be stronger than my digital, so I sent mostly that kind of stuff in,” Hammerschmidt said. “The one I ended up winning with is a little bit different. It is more surrealist than the other stuff, so that’s why I chose it.”

Sophomore Alice Kelsey was one of the students whose photo was accepted into the competition.

“I feel like it was the strongest compositionally,” Kelsey said. “It had more characteristics that were intriguing.”

Lawrence High had more accepted entries than any other school.

“The kids did really good,” Perkins said. “I think [this] really says something about the level of kids here at Lawrence High competing. We also got Best In Show, so one of the students actually had the best image out of any students in the New York and surrounding area. I would say that’s something for Lawrence High to be really proud of.”