Talent Show Interview with Lynisha Thomas

By Victoria Secondine

How many people auditioned this year?
There were around 36 or 37 acts.

How do you choose the acts?
We choose the people by talent, level of entertainment, and how much time they take. We try to give everyone a chance.

What do you look for in auditions?
We look at how entertaining they are and see if they feel confident. If they are not ready, we give them pointers and advice for what they can do better next year.

What was your favorite audition?
I have no earthly idea.

What do you look forward to the most?
I always look forward to seeing the students come out of their shell. The most memorable student was Himal Sherchan, who was very shy, but soon came out of his shell and became very involved with Showtime and other spotlight activites.

What is the weirdest act you’ve ever seen?
We had a student who was able to crush aluminum cans with his shoulder blades. His name was William Pendleton.