Robotics Team participates in Star Wars themed competition


By Molly Daugherty, Staff Writer

The STEAM robotics team worked early in 2020 to go to battle with Star Wars-themed battle bots.

In only six weeks, the team was challenged to create an original robot design to then battle other schools’ robots.

“It is very stressful because we would like to have it done as soon as possible,” said senior Charles Nigro, the team’s lead builder.

This year’s competition theme was Star Wars, something most members said they had great knowledge of. Compared to last year, Nigro said they were more prepared for the competition.

“Our goal is to win,” Nigro said. “It would be really rewarding to win.”

Head coach Jeannie Merritt mentored students but said many took up leadership roles to coach the younger team members.

“It’s like a company,” Merritt said. “There are 50 to 60 kids on the team. We have mentors to guide the kids but the teams are run by a CEO and other positions… It’s a really big process.”

Gifted facilitator Emily Beecham said the competition is an opportunity for hands-on learning and wants to have her students participate in Battle of the Brains in the future.

“It’s something these kids can say, ‘Hey, I had a part of this,’ ” Beecham said. “They can have something to show for it by going to Science City and everybody else can actually experience their idea.”

The team took home the spirit award at its March competition. Its next event was canceled due to COVID-19.

Focused — Gearing up, junior Subade Sulitan works on a component at a robotics meeting at the College and Career Center.