The Lawrencian: Game Nut


This was definitely a lot different from the places I normally go. I’m not really into video games. I occasionally play a computer game because my brother really likes them, but  my knowledge of Nintendos, PlayStations, and X-Boxes, is sadly limited.

Game Nut is a store downtown that sells used CDs, DVDs, video games, and game consoles. It has everything from Atari players to Blu-Ray discs. I saw a lot of things that were new to me, but surprisingly, it also had a lot of things that I was familiar with.

Looking through the shelves of CDs and movie soundtracks, I found some stuff that surprised me, because I wouldn’t have thought to look for it, especially at a little store downtown. Grease soundtrack? Yep, they have it. Black Hawk Down, one of my favorite movies? A regular and special edition.

Then there are the video games. I’ve only played a select number of video games in my life. I’m definitely not super excited about them, but seeing all of the different games actually made me want to try some of them.

Most of the time we were there, I surprised Zach with my taste in music and movies. Obviously our preferences were pretty different. He didn’t know a lot of the things I liked, and vice versa. He has never seen The Notebook. I think everyone should see it. Even Zach.

I freaked out about a lot of things I found, like the Little Mermaid soundtrack and a Jimi Hendrix album. Zach found two of his favorite TV shows, Mad Men and Psych, on disc. He also discovered a movie he hadn’t heard of, but thought looked hilarious: Whoopi Goldberg Burglar.

It’s interesting to have all of these random pieces mixed together. You might think you only like action movies, but you’ll find yourself in the drama section, trying to convince yourself not to spend all your money. I somehow managed to leave without buying anything.

After we left, I had an interesting experience with a police officer. I was about to jaywalk, and Zach was right behind me. Then I noticed a cop watching me from his SUV in the intersection. I stopped right before stepping into the street and headed toward the cross walk.

When I got to the crosswalk, the officer just smiled and gave an oh-so-sweet wave. Yikes.

I had a lot fun being downtown. Game Nut is definitely the place to go for a lot of people, because it is well stocked and has a lot of personality.

If you’re looking for a movie, album, or video game, definitely check Game Nut for a used copy. It’s a fun place to see if you haven’t been there, and it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new copy. Go for a reason or just for fun. You might find something that surprises you.