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The Lawrencian: Alchemy Coffee Shop


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The cashier was friendly and made our drinks right in front of us.

This week, Zach and I went to Alchemy. It’s a coffee shop on 19th Street, just down the street from LHS. The shop is very tiny but has a lot of character. The atmosphere is comfortable and modern. Green walls and unique art pieces add to it’s hipster feel. The shop is upscale without being snobby and overpriced.

A prominent feature in the shop is the cold brew machine. It really fits the name “Alchemy,” because it looks very scientific. We asked the cashier about it, and he  said one pot takes 12 hours to brew. Everything is specially made, so it takes forever, but it’s very personal. However, if there were a lot of people, it would be completely overloaded.

photo 4
The cold brew machine takes 12 hours to brew one pot.

The name “Alchemy” also applies to the rest of the shop. They make your drink right in front of you, and use modern, inventive equipment. It actually seems kind of scientific.

They do things like use an iPad as a cash register and special coffee cups that hold the steam so you can smell your coffee while you drink it. It’s all super forward-thinking. The other customers were young, classy, and stylish.

The magical coffee mug actually worked, which surprised me. Objects like cups don’t usually turn out well when you try to redesign them, but this design was successful.

photo 3
The magical shape of the mug makes it so you smell your coffee while you drink it.

Despite all of the new-age stuff, the shop was also familiar and comfy. The server was friendly and happy to chat with us and others.

The store had other personal touches: an old upright piano, fairly listenable music playing, and a coffee-stained paper describing how to back out of the parking lot in your car.

Overall, it was a cute place with good coffee. It was familiar, and I liked going. Also, Zach told me one of the funniest third-wheel stories I’ve ever heard, so of course I had fun.

On the counter, they drew a picture to show how to back out your car.
On the counter, there’s a drawing to show how to back out your car.

Apparently his two friends started dating, but all three of them still hung out. Every time they started making out, Zach would use the opportunity to cheat at whatever game they were playing.

If you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends or study for a while, it’s perfect. Some places are too bustling and busy to be comfortable, and some places are so empty and dead that it’s not fun to go. This place found a happy medium. I would definitely go again.

For more information about Alchemy, check them out here!

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