Swimmer breaks school record

Senior Giuliano Lule-Paredes breaks school record for backstroke

By Channing Morse, Reporter

Swimming the 100-yard backstroke at the Sunflower League meet, senior Giuliano Lule-Paredes earned a new school record, forever cementing himself in Lawrence High history. 

Breaking the previous record of 54.75 seconds set by Stephen Johnson in 2017, Lule-Paredes swam the backstroke in 54.44 seconds. Lule-Paredes has swam for  twelve years total, four of those being at Lawrence High. During his time, he was coached by Kent McDonald and Elle Weber. The goal was set as a joke during his freshman year until he realized that it was achievable this year. 

“I never really thought I would but then this year I started getting really close to it, so towards halfway through this year I thought I could,” Lule-Parades said.

During the most recent season, Coach McDonald would give him workouts that included more back and breaststroke to get him prepared for the 100 backstroke and the 200 IM. Because of how hard he always worked in practice and how dedicated to his sport he was, his coaches knew he could break the record.

“He had been real close to the backstroke record earlier in the season and last year too so I knew that it would just take a meet, where he wasn’t too tired, and had the competition to push him,” Coach McDonald said.

The reactions to him breaking the record from the coaches and people close to him were pure joy and pride. 

“I started crying.” Lule-Paredes said. “There’s a picture my mom took from the balcony where I’m just sobbing.”

Next year, Lule-Paredes will continue his swimming career in division two at William Jewell college in Liberty, Missouri and will be a part of their choir program as well. 

“I think Giuliano is going to enjoy swimming at William Jewell,” Coach Elle Weber said. “The school has a great program and I think he is going to continue to see improved times.”