Student Council holds second ping pong tournament

By Anahita Hurt, Online Co-Editor

Student Council held its second annual ping pong tournament on January 10th in the cafeteria.

Brandon Thimmesch, a junior, became the two time champ, taking first place again this year. He’s not too serious about ping pong, but this tournament he played to win.

“I’ve been playing ping pong for a really long time with my family, and I just find joy in playing the game,” Thimmesch said. “My earliest memories of playing ping pong were probably around age six, I’d play at my aunt’s house (on my mom’s sides), and I’d also play a lot of ping pong with my dad’s side of the family. There’s a lot of ping pong players in my family, so I started at a very young age.”

Thimmesch says his dad is probably his ultimate ping pong rival, but only because he knows all Thimmesch’s strategies, and how to combat them.

“I play with a lot of curve, and play spin. I just work them from side to side,” Thimmesch said. “My other strategy is I just try not to go on the offensive, I try and just play more defense, and just return whatever they hit to me.”