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Fortnite OG craze takes over Lawrence High

Fueled by nostalgia, all eyes return to the game
Declan Patrick
Fortnite has become popular again among students. Graphic by Declan Patrick. Fortnite logo by Epic Games.

“Fortnite Battle Royale” first released back in July, 2017 and instantly became a global phenomenon. 

It has captured Lawrence High students’ attention since their middle school days. Students have been watching streams, youtube videos and purchasing in-game currency for years now. Live streams dominated lunch tables and classrooms at the game’s peak. 

Twitch, a streaming platform, became the way for students to watch professional “Fortnite” players show off their skills. Streamer Ninja became the top streamer on Twitch because of his “Fortnite” content. At his highest point, he earned 10 million dollars in a year strictly in Twitch revenue. 

Students would wake up early and sometimes miss entire days of school to update and play when new events dropped. “Fortnite” became a global sensation and rakes in billions of dollars a year. No game has had the grasp on the world and popularity that Fortnite has. 

In the past few years the game’s diehard popularity has dwindled to a more moderate but still very large following. This all changed when on November 3, 2023 “Fortnite” OG was released, bringing back the old map and items from our middle school days back into the game. Students have been flooded with nostalgia from the sights and sounds of “Fortnite’s” legendary peak. The game has broken its daily player record with 44.7 million players and 102 million hours played on the day of OG’s release.

Students at LHS have been a direct impact to this tally. 

“I have probably played a little over fifty hours in a week with school and everything,” senior Jacob Gilbert said. 

Students after school lives have been taken over by the game.

“Everyday when I have gotten home I have played since I went to bed,” said junior Brendan Lett. 

This impact from the game’s triumphant return to old has been nationwide, and those at Lawrence High are not immune to the returning obsession. 

“Honestly it’s like a blessing really, I love playing with my guys and I love having a lot of fun, and it just takes me back to when I was younger,” junior Reece Meyer said. 

Students play together most days after school and even have started posting wins on their social media stories.

“You get on Snapchat, take a picture of your kills and tag the people in your squad,” said senior Brayden Rowland. 

Students have missed school to hop on with their friends and play. 

“I have definitely taken off some school days to stay at home and grind the ranked scene of Fortnite,” said Meyer. 

Others have sacrificed big school events to dive into the craze.

“I missed the Derby football game to play OG Fortnite,” said junior Kaden Valbuena. 

Players have formed squads together with friends to battle it out.  “Usually I play with some of my baseball guys and then I usually play with my school friends,” said Meyer. 

“Fortnite” OG’s release has had lots of success and a very positive response from Lawrence High School students as it brings them together to play.

“I think it’s very well deserved. It’s a great game,” said junior Brynnae Johnson. 

The “Fortnite” OG event will conclude on December 2, 2023 as the game catapults into its next season and hopes to retain interest even after “OG” ends.

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Danny Phalen
Danny Phalen, Co-Editor in Chief
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Declan Patrick
Declan Patrick, Social Media Co-Editor in Chief

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