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Marching band led by all-female drum majors

Three leaders focusing on empowering and inspiring the band
Dylan Wheatman
Junior Morgan Moeckly conducts the marching band at the home football game on September 15th.

For the first time in recent history, the band finds itself led by three empowered female drum majors. 

Senior Lauren Seybold is head drum major, and she is assisted by juniors Morgan Moeckly and Elise Rathmel. The theme for the fun show is women in pop and rock. The drum majors did not choose the songs the band marches to, but they appreciate the representation of women in music. The band marches to ‘I Love Rock and Roll’ and then they have songs that feature both Pom and Color Guard. 

“I’m a pretty big fan of the 70s, 80s, because more of our crowd can enjoy the music,” Seybold said.

The three drum majors uphold an important role of conducting the band. 

“I’m contributing a lot to something that builds up the entire community,” Rathmel said. “Not just me or even just band members. I’ve noticed that it’s a lot more fun seeing the band as a whole instead of just different instruments.”

The three have a special bond as a team and work well together. Moeckly and Rathmel went through the audition process together, and have been friends for a long time. 

“They’re so amazing. They’re such nice people and they’re really accountable for themselves,” Moeckly said. “I feel like this year has been really productive and solid because we’re all just so in sync this year.”

The community of band shines through the school and is something the drum majors cherish. They see this year as an opportunity to recognize more music written by women. The theme of women in rock emphasizes the female songwriters and recognizes underrepresented artists, especially in a male dominated space.

“I would say a lot of our classics tend to be the same and there’s not a lot of change in our music library,” Seybold said. “It’s really cool to incorporate that kind of music.”

This year, the band has the opportunity to travel to Disney World for the first time since 2018. The group is excited to showcase their band in the parade.

“My goal is for Disney to go as smoothly as possible, with no hiccups,” Seybold said.

There is a lot of attention given to females in leadership roles but the environment surrounding the drum majors is a positive and welcoming place. This allows the attention that they receive to be full of support.

“I think the emphasis put on girls in positions of power is almost entirely positive,” Rathmel said. “I don’t think there’s ever really a bad side to having more positive female role models.”

The drum majors work closely together as friends and as a team. In previous years the drum majors have done a great job of leading the band, but this year Seybold, Moeckly, and Rathmel want to use their positions to help a greater cause.

“Women are just amazing,” Moeckly said, “and we have to recognize that.”

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