LHS seniors celebrate graduation and new beginnings

Lawrence community gathers to support seniors’ success

By Maeslyn Hamlin, Reporter

Amid clapping and handshakes, with the long awaited diplomas in hand, Lawrence High seniors graduated May 23, 2023.

With senior speakers Inila Brave and Perrin Goulter setting an upbeat and inspirational tone, seniors gathered on the football field to celebrate their time spent at LHS.

“Congratulations seniors, we’ve made it,” Goulter said. “Big pat on the back to everyone who just barely avoided truancy while also managing to pull at least a D in all of your classes to make it here. It’s quite an achievement.”

Beginning with a walk across the stage to their seats, decked out in caps, gowns, and honor cords, the seniors congratulated each other, and anxiously awaited the reading of their names.

“The craziest moment of the night was the initial walk to our seats,” junior and early graduate Emmy Busse said. “It all started to feel surreal, and like all of the work that we put in was coming to fruition.”

While seniors filled their seats, family and friends packed the stands to watch their loved ones graduate.

“I’m of course sad to see them go,” junior Lauren Seybold said. “But I’m excited for their next steps. I’m curious to hear their input as I enter my senior year.”

As choir teacher Dwayne Dunn began reading the list of nearly 350 students, seniors grew ever more excited, launching beach balls through the air, and cheering for fellow graduates.

“I know how much this moment has been looked forward to. We have all been going over this moment time and time again since freshman year,” Brave said. “Now that moment has landed on today, and now we move on from our little home town of Lawrence, KS.”