Senior news anchor captivates students

Senior Henry Adams gains notoriety with popular announcements segment


Fin Tholen

Senior Henry Adams prepares for the bi-weekly Lion’s Roar Announcements.

By Fiona Bini, Reporter

Henry in the Halls, a new segment on the Lion’s Roar this year, was an instant sensation.

Senior Henry Adams joined Video Production III to be an anchor for the Lion’s Roar. At the time, he had no idea he would become the face of the announcements. 

“Sometimes it can be a bit much, but I appreciate people that tell me they like the videos,” Adams said. “And I enjoy the fact that people look forward to Henry in the Halls coming out every few weeks.”

His segment, Henry in the Halls, is an interview/challenge show with a running time averaging around three minutes per episode. The challenges are set up in the halls, usually during lunch or after school, and any student can participate. 

“They were looking for somebody to do segments, some person to go out into the hallway and ask random questions, a man on the streets,” Adams said. “Eventually, the idea came around that I would be that person, and I went with it. I guess it stuck.”

In the first episode, students were asked to solve a math problem with one minute on the clock. It was a big hit with many students. One of the involved students was senior Elizabeth Anderson.

“I was terribly nervous,” Anderson said. “I was scared that it was gonna get me at some unflattering angle and that I was going to fail.” 

This wasn’t the only episode Anderson was featured in.

“I was in the pyramid stacking video,” she said. “It was a lot of fun because you’re just walking down the halls, and then you see him there, with a random challenge, and you try and beat it.”

Through these and many other episodes, Henry has built a solid fanbase, and they are wondering what will happen once he graduates.

“I’m really sad,” freshman Haylee Mosher said, referring to Henry’s upcoming graduation. “I was on the verge of tears.”

Henry has also been thinking about the show’s future.

“Well, we have talked to Henry Keeler about continuing on with Henry in the Halls, but I’ve assured him he doesn’t have to keep doing it if he doesn’t want to,” Adams said. “We’ve just had funny talks about maybe doing a handing over of the tie ceremony at the end of the year, something like that.”

Even if Keeler considers the role, there might be some competition.

“I think someone else is gonna have to fulfill that position, and I think that eventually, that someone should be me,” Mosher said.

Many fans would like to see Henry in the halls continue, but others have a different view. 

“It might be given over to someone else,” Anderson said. “But I think the first season is really something special.”

Although the fate of Henry in the Halls has yet to be determined, Henry Adams has been thinking about his future. 

“Right now, I’m looking into music production, and my experience with video editing will help me out with that a lot.” he said, “I’m really just into entertainment and live performing, so Henry in the Halls and Lions Roar really plays together in that. I’m hoping that it can prepare me for something better in the future.” 

The future holds many possibilities for the show and the people involved. In the meantime, keep an eye out for Henry (or whoever) in the halls, and maybe one day, you will be in front of the camera.

Just do it, go, if you’d like to make something like Henry in the Halls, or you something completely different then Henry in the Halls, if you want to make something, and put it on the lions roar, go to Mr. Saltz,” Henry said. “The only thing preventing you from doing that is speaking to Mr. Saltz, then actually doing it.”