Local teen group Hang12 enriches the Lawrence art community

Many LHS students are involved in the projects, which focus on installing art shows in local spaces.


Contributed by Maya Smith

By Avery Sloyer, Reporter

Hang12 is a local business composed of high school students who are employed to work together and create unique art projects throughout Lawrence. 

“We do a couple of shows in galleries throughout the year,” sophomore and Hang12 member Opal Morris said. “We have an annual street party, and commissioned merch for events and art such as murals or installation design.” 

One of their current projects is an art gallery show called Beyond the Fridge, which is aptly described by junior and Hang12 member Annika Maximov. 

“Beyond the Fridge at Cider Gallery features 10 different artists’ present and past work to show their personal evolution.” Maximov said. 

 Lawrence High students, alumni, and LHS teacher Todd Poteet will be showing their art at this show. 

“I am excited to see my students and their work hanging in the show,” Poteet said. “And frankly, honored to have the opportunity to show alongside them.”

Another current project is a collaboration with Arizona Trading Company. Hang12 worked to install the new window display art in their store.  Along with this display, which is called Friday’s Funky FoodMart, A.T.C sells Hang12’s original merchandise. 

“The display represented a 70s grocery store,” sophomore Ruby Hull said. “We decorated the display with checkered flooring, prints of grocery products, hanging fruits and vegetables, and a mannequin with a lavender shopping basket.”

This merchandise is created through a process called screen printing. Screen printing is done by using a plastic template to map out your design and then using a squeegee to print the ink.

“Although repetitive, screen printing is incredibly rewarding,” Hull said. “Once you get the hang of it, screen printing is relatively simple.”

Screen printing and installation is a group activity, but some functions, like content writing, show coordinating, and web design are more individualized. Each member has a role in Hang12.

“The graphic designer often communicates with the social media manager, merchandise coordinator, webmaster, and content writer,” Hull said. “And social coordinators often interact with all roles to confirm their interactions. Essentially, all roles in Hang12 overlap and connect at some point.”

Hang12 can be a fantastic opportunity for artistically-inclined students.

“I really encourage people to apply once we have openings,” Maximov said. “It is a great experience and I’m so grateful to be part of it.”