Student author grows through self reflection, support of others



Amid books, senior Rosie Holbert made her mark at LHS creating a collection of written works. She encourages a non-critical writing process. “I think it’s important for people to know that is is OK fo people to write poorly, self indulging stuff, just as long as you’re writing,” Holbert said.

By Ashton Rapp, Staff Writer

Writing, creativity, and the motivation to actually start writing is something that many people struggle with. Unlike those people, senior Rosie Holbert knows exactly what to do. Holbert is a writer at LHS, and wrote many literary works during their time here.

Holbert writes when they can, especially because of school work.

“It’s kind of sporadic,” she says. “I don’t really have a scheduled time to work on it, I usually just write when I have time. I just sit, and I write.”

Many things inspire Holbert to write, whether it be people or other things in their life, she can muster creativity from life itself.

“I think music is one of the biggest things that helps me stay focused and give me ideas,” she says.

One of Holbert’s friends is senior Rachel Schmaus. She also loves to write, and has been Holbert’s friend since middle school. Schmaus has supported Holbert’s writing ever since. ‘“She’s got a lot of ideas,” Schmaus says. “When she gets going she writes a lot of very cool stuff.

Schmaus believes that people should open up to Holbert’s writing, as Holbert doesn’t show anyone else her works often.

“I think sometimes she just doesn’t believe herself that it’s cool, which I completely understand, but I want other people to tell her that it’s cool so she can realize how incredible all of the stuff she’s writing is,” Schmaus says. “Because not everyone can just take ideas from their head and just put it down on paper, so i think it’s really cool that she’s trying to do that and working so hard.”

Another influence in Holbert’s life is creative writing teacher, Ms. Johnson. Johnson appreciated having Holbert in class.

It was a genuine joy to teach her. She’s so hardworking and kind, so right away, she’s the kind of student teachers wish they had a hundred of,” she says. “And then she’s both a talented writer and open to feedback? That is such a rare combination, and it’s what the best writers are.”

Holbert wants to work towards a more serious career in writing.

 “I think maybe writing a book at some point may be nice, or maybe a webcomic or something,” she says. “I think it’s important for people to know that it is ok for people to write poorly, self indulging stuff, just as long as you’re writing.”