A peek inside a long-term friendship at Lawrence High

The special friendship of Maya Smith and Treven Gill.

Jackson Yanek

Outside of instant family, our earliest friends shape who we are and influence what we become. At Lawrence High, many students have friends they’ve known since elementary school, such as sophomore Maya Smith and junior Treven Gill. 

“I’ve known Treven since I was 6-7 years old, we met when he moved in across the street from me,” Smith said. 

The friendship has been natural since the two first met. 

“Maya, she’s the nicest neighbor anyone could ask for,” Gill said. 

“When I first met Treven, we were just playing outside and he just came up to me. We started talking and we were little so it didn’t really matter, but we instantly clicked.” 

According to an LHS Budget survey, 39.4% met their longest term friend in elementary school.

“It’s really cool knowing that I have someone in my life who shares so many of the same memories from outside of my family,” Smith said. 

Over the next few years, the duo became acquainted with one another’s family and continued their relationship. 

Smith and Gill have stayed connected over their schooling careers, hanging out at inter-family gatherings, each other’s houses, and in the hallways of Lawrence High. 

“I invite Maya every summer every time we have the pool open. We invite her over to swim with us and her little brother,” Gill said. 

The pair holds their friendship especially close to the heart even as they’ve met new people and had different classes. 

“Connected.” Smith said when asked to describe their relationship. “ Not everyone has the bond of living across the street from one of your close friends. He (Treven) just always has a good attitude about everything and it’s refreshing because not everyone has that outlook on life.”

As Treven’s senior year and Maya’s junior year quickly approach, they plan on staying close no matter where life takes them. 

“The strong bond that we’ve built with each other is really crucial,” Gill said. 

“I think we will always stay in touch because we have for so long now, even not being in the same grade, and a couple times not even being at the same school,” Smith said. 

Maya and Treven’s relationship will forever keep them intertwined. Their friendship represents the purity, joy and supportive nature of so many at Lawrence High. 

“Maya and I will always be friends,” Gill said. “We wouldn’t want to do it any different way.”