Rapp sings his way to Carnegie Hall

Senior goes above and beyond with choir success

By Julia Barker, Features Editor

Throughout his years at Lawrence High, senior Ashton Rapp has excelled vocally in the choir program, achieving many accomplishments in school and outside of school. In recent news, Rapp has been selected to sing and perform six pieces at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Feb. 6th.

Rapp continues to practice his pieces, “Once I get to Carnegie Hall, the main focus is going to be adding dynamics and adding articulation, and all the good stuff that’s not directly written off the page,” Rapp said. “I’m really excited for that experience, because you get most of that through the director, and his style reflects over the music. Then once we interpret that style, it becomes our music.”

Since the beginning of Rapp’s freshman year he’s been in the LHS choir program, starting as a high first tenor and now singing as a baritone. Rapp has grown his voice over the years, managing voice change and the adaptation of his singing voice. 

“Students start learning how to use their breath support to help the tone be full and rich and carry have projection,” choir director, Dr. Dwayne Dunn said. “Ashton has taken some voice lessons and worked really hard on developing that part.”

As Rapp has grown vocally in choir, he has also grown into a leader in choir. 

“He is one of our officers that helps take attendance and keep the group running.” Dunn said. “He’s definitely one of those role model students.”

His choir peers agree. 

“He’s really knowledgeable about music,” junior Abe Roman said. “Just vocally he is a good leader.” 

Kenna McNally

Rapp is not only a leader in choir, but also a leader in Lawrence High in general. He is a drum major, on the announcements, in Student Council and in the upcoming musical production, Mamma Mia. 

Even with his busy schedule, Rapp keeps his head up, “Sometimes it’s definitely a little stressful, just because there’s a lot going on,” Rapp said. “But once I’m in the moment with a certain thing that I’m working on it is very fulfilling.”

After graduation, Rapp plans on continuing to pursue his music and vocal performance in college.

“I’ve applied to eight schools, and I’ve passed the pre-screening for seven of them. So I will be auditioning with them,” Rapp said. “Hopefully, I get into some music schools.”