Weekly Art Feature: Affliction

For the week of November 26, check out Xavier Watson’s prints


Anahita Hurt

Xavier Watson, and his prints project, Affliction

By Anahita Hurt, Online Co-Editor

Junior Xavier Watson discusses his prints, “Affliction.” 

What’s the medium?

“I worked with ink and plexiglass that I etched the design into.”

When was it created?

“I worked on the prints all of last week.”

Was there an assignment this was for? What was it?

“The assignment is for the Johanna Winters printing competition.”

Why did you create this?

“The reason I designed the prints the way I did was to personify my internal struggles on paper.”

What was your inspiration?

“My inspiration was how I feel on the inside, and what I feel are the worst parts of me.”

What’s your favorite thing about this piece? Why?

“I think my favorite part about my prints is that I can see myself reflected in each one.”

What’s your favorite medium? Why?

“Drawing is my favorite medium because putting pencil to paper is the best way to get an idea down.”

Why do you like to create?

“I create because it allows me to bring ideas in my head to life through whatever art form I’m working in.”