In the Spotlight

Through dance, senior able to overcome her tentative nature


Addisson Thornsbury

Striking a pose— Senior Grace DiVilbiss dances during the dress rehearsal for Showtime on April 26.

By Gary Schmidt, Co-Editor In-Chief

The track cut to “Bend Ova” by Lil Jon, and the crowd responded with a roar.

As pom members continued their routine, senior Grace DiVilbiss made her way to the front of the formation. As fans joined in the dance, they forgot all about the crucial city rivalry basketball game and took a moment to appreciate DiVilbiss’ show: poetry in motion.

The song built up to an explosive finish, and DiVilbiss matched it perfectly, being showered with the praises of a standing-ovation.

DiVilbiss was quick to describe the moment as her favorite of her four years dancing on the pom team.
“My last hip-hop performance at the Free State game was pretty awesome because everyone was super hype, which is the best feeling because everyone is super excited and our team won so that is great,” she said.

Her passion for dancing started at a young age, being enrolled in dance classes when she was only 3. Although it was not her choice to begin with, DiVilbiss was determined to stay in it, not just because of how much she enjoyed dancing but because she wanted to become great at it.

“I fell in love with it, and I never wanted to stop,” she said.

This love drove DiVilbiss to new places, as she performed with her company across the country.
Being in dance allowed DiVilbiss to express herself in ways she would not have been able to previously.
“[Dance has made me] have to travel, meet new people and teach, which has encouraged me to be more outgoing and confident as I have grown older,” she said.

Being involved in pom allowed her to become more confident, more involved and most importantly, according to DiVilbiss, closer with a group of dancers just as wacky as herself.

“The girls on the pom team are all outgoing and funny, so we have a great time with all of the long hours we spent together,” DiVilbiss said. “[Pom] was a great experience because the whole