Q&A: Work begins on ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’


Ian Jones

Sophomore Jack Foster performs in “Almost, Maine” this year.

By Kailey Bates

Tackling school work, choir, symphonic and chamber orchestra, sophomore Jack Foster has also participated in the theater program every year despite such a busy schedule.

Having recently finished the first play of the theater season, “Almost, Maine,” Foster is preparing to be in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.”

What is “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” about?

“There’s this kid named Finch, and he’s a window washer, but he finds a book that teaches him how to be a successful businessman, and it’s kind of like a parody, commentary on 1960s, ‘Mad Men’ business kind of stuff.”

What drew you to do this musical?

“I just like older, comedy-style musicals, or really just any musical. I’m just really interested in theater.”

What did you prepare for your initial audition?

“I prepared a 16-ish bar piece of music, and a 30-second monologue.”

What other productions have been a part of?

“I’ve been a part of two plays — last year’s fall play [Kolenkov in ‘Can’t Take it With You’] and this year [Steve in ‘Almost, Maine’], and then I did ‘Godspell’ last year. I’ve done ‘Into the Woods’ at the Art Center.”

Out of all the productions you have done, which one has been your favorite?

“ ‘Into the Woods.’ There was just a fun sense of community, and I just have a lot of good memories; even if it was a little dramatic, and there was some drama. But I didn’t get involved in that drama.”

What do you plan to do with theater after high school?

“It’s definitely one of my best options that I have for a career right now. I’m thinking about maybe doing theater on the side as I do a normal job, or just make it a full time job, like Broadway.”

Are there any memorable moments, or pieces of advice you’ve received?

“I think ‘find things that you can personally connect with’ whether that’s your cast members, or a character, or just the melody of the song; something that you can connect to, to make the experience memorable. Usually for me the story of a show, the feeling of opening night, or just the other people in the cast. Just to find something that helps you have a better performance, just to find that one little thing.”

What other school activities are you involved with?

“I’m in choir right now, and I’m in Chamber and Symphonic Orchestra, and I also did Fiddle Club for a while.”

What goals do you have for acting?

“I want to be able to do one professional show….Whether it’s on Broadway, or something, I don’t care how old I’ll be, how long it will take. I just want to be in a show that isn’t necessarily at school, or in a community theater kind of setting. I just want to know that I can make it to that level of theater at some point.”