Review: Serenity

By By Nathaniel Reynolds

Here’s another band from Europe, all because there are very few American bands that I actually somewhat enjoy listening to and they are somewhat boring to me, especially when compared to Van Canto. Anyways, Serenity is a symphonic/power metal band from Austria originally founded in early 2001. They didn’t really start being a professional band until 2004 during which three of the original band members left.

I have only listen to their latest two albums: Death and Legacy (released in 2011) and War of Ages (just released earlier this month). The first one was mostly based around important people and events throughout history including Napoleon Bonaparte, the short French guy, (for the song “The Chevalier”) and Albrecht Dürer, a German renaissance painter (the song “When Canvas Starts to Burn” is in honor of him). Along with male vocals provided by Georg Neuhauser, this album also had a couple of female singers for some of their songs. The only singer they had that I know of is Charlotte Wessels from the Dutch band Delain for “Serenade of Flames”.

Earlier this year, Serenity gained a permanent female vocalist, Clementine Delauney, who sang along with Georg for the majority of the songs on “War of Ages”. This album’s main theme is war with at least some of the songs being based off of historical events (“Tannenberg” is based on the battle of the same name between the Russians and Germans during the first World War and “Legacy of Tudors” is based off of the House of Tudor which was an English royal house back in the day. Well, I’m assuming with those two since I really don’t know anything about them, especially English stuff).