Cocaine Bear triumphs

Drug raging bear film flaunts explosive plot and box office performance

By Paige Unekis, Reporter

Completely mind-blowing, this new drug-filled action-packed movie made a huge commotion before it even hit the big screens on February 24th. The trailer alone sent the internet into a hyped-up state with more than 18 million views on youtube, and when the movie was finally released it made $23.1 million dollars during opening weekend.

Cocaine Bear is exactly what it is titled, a coked-up bear that is running rampant in a Georgia Forest, crossing paths with many different groups who don’t fully understand what they are in for. Two kids who skipped school in a quest to find a hidden waterfall and a desperate mom trying to get them home, drug dealers looking for the rest of their coke who also got wrapped up with a group of shithead punks, a park ranger trying to impress an animal rights activist, and a local detective who just wants to get back home to his dog. None of these groups had any idea about the type of day they just woke up to and the fact that it could possibly be their last. 

The whole idea of the movie is based on a real story, making the already strange premise even more bizarre (in a good way, of course). 

The major change in the film is that in reality, after the black bear got into the coke, she passed away instead of becoming a coke-crazed bear that violently kills everyone in her way. Simply put, all this movie bear wants is to bring more coke home to her and her cubs, and can’t help herself when people interfere with her lines. 

All of these characters don’t understand just what they are dealing with as they try desperately to exit the forest alive. The only character that stays searching is the main drug dealer played by the one and only Ray Liotta. 

He is on a mission, armed with only a shotgun to get back the coke he lost, unfortunately, he is unsuccessful and goes out in a very memorable way, two coked-up bear cubs slowly play and rip out his guts like a ball of yarn. 

Throughout the movie, the characters keep the bear distracted with little bits of coke. There were so many amazing scenes of bricks of coke being thrown across the forest floor that the bear chased after it like a puppy chasing a ball. In one jaw-dropping scene, a character rips open a bag and showers the bear in it, they even zoom up to the coke going into her nostrils, a very cinematic moment. Personally, my favorite scene was when the bear took a line off of a severed human leg.

Overall this movie was a complete hit, nothing could have really prepared me for what I thought this movie would be but I was not disappointed at all. The action and gore were impeccable and it had the perfect amount of ridiculousness for it to hit just the right spot in my brain. Never have I imagined that a cocaine bear movie would make me so happy but the night I watched this in the theater brought me more joy than I would have ever imagined.