Youtube integrates Google+ with new comment system



Graphic by Zachary Spears

By Brandon Ellis

A lot of complaints have come up in the internet world recently.

With the new innovation that Google has released that incorporates Google+ into the YouTube comment system, many internet users have gone into backlash.

For many of the users on YouTube and the internet in general using Google+ has never been something that has been favored.

As quoted by famous YouTuber Philip Defranco, “The fun thing with Google and YouTube is that you never know what is a bug or a feature, but you might also notice people are exploiting and spamming using the new comment system and I say ‘Good’. Keep doing it, because you can only predict so much in a small beta test, but when you bring it to the public, that’s really the only way you can test it against the trolls and the real world.” Defranco said. Many people are using the new system but at the same time are very hateful towards it.

While many people have started to figure out how to do different things with the new system many have found ways to use it to increase their methods of cyber-bullying. This consisting of using the new image capability to draw genitles in the commments. The new system has been thrown upon the internet world and has had many people turn their backs to Google and YouTube while others have embraced it. People hate it because they don’t like having things thrown at them without consent while others embrace change. It will be interesting how the internet acts in the coming weeks.