Showtime not happening because of coronavirus


Katherine Williams

CAPTION: After hours, student performers Vincent Otchere, Trinity Shorter, Kayla Glabreath, Jelani Ragins, and Tracy Allen seek refuge in the auditorium. Because administrators have a strict ‘no congregation’ policy, students have limited options when it comes to after-school shenanigans. “We are kind of pushed out,” Ragins says, “… and most places are already taken up. We just had to find a place and get a quick practice in.”

By Cuyler Dunn, Reporter

As schools across Kansas shut their doors to try to slow the spread of COVID-19, many senior singers lost their last opportunities to perform in Lawrence High’s annual pops concert, Showtime.

Showtime has been a staple of the LHS music department for more than 40 years, featuring hundreds of talented singers during that span. But, with restrictions being placed in response to coronavirus, Showtime was forced to cancel its 2020 shows. This meant many seniors lost their last chance to perform.

Senior Tracy Allen was preparing multiple acts for this year’s Showtime. Because only juniors and seniors can participate in featured acts for Showtime, most students participate the most in their senior year show.

“This year I was looking forward to all the acts I was going to be in. I had four featured acts and I was in two choirs so I was looking forward to being involved,” Allen said.

For four years, Allen has been heavily invested in choir, which functions as a way to get involved for many students entering high school.

“I really enjoy music and singing, and being a part of choir has made me feel a part of high school. I met so many people that I never would have met if I didn’t do it and I wish I got to spend more time with them,” Allen said.

Senior Alivia Rapp has only been in choir for two years, but was still looking forward to her last time performing in Showtime.

“Last year was my first time doing Showtime,” Rapp said. “I was in multiple acts and was very busy, but this year I wasn’t in a whole lot but it was definitely still sad. This would have been my last time since I’m a senior so that definitely would have been an emotional time.”

Choir has been an important part of Rapp’s time at high school. It’s been a path to forming relationships in the school.

“Making all the connections has been really important to me,” Rapp said. “Making music with people who also like to make music is important to me.”

Rapp has been using Zoom calls to continue to meet with the friends she has made in choir during quarantine.

“We have been doing Zoom, so that’s a fun time for us to see how everybody’s weeks are going and to connect that way,” Rapp said.

Senior Alice Hull was preparing four different acts for this year’s show before it was canceled.

“Choir has meant so much to me,” Hull said. “It has always been a safe and loving environment that I love being a part of every day.”

This year would have been Hull’s third time performing in Showtime, the most allowed for a student.

“I was really excited to grow as a group and have such a great time with my wonderful choir family,” Hull said. “I was in four acts: ‘We Are Young,’ ‘Dancing Queen,’ ‘Take Me Home’ and ‘Fallin For Ya.’ ”

Hull will attend Loyola University next year where she will study vocal performance.

“If I could say one thing to an underclassmen choir student I would tell them to enjoy every moment because you never realize how much you will miss something until it’s gone,” Hull said.